CENTROWIDE JAPAN CO., LTD. was established on April 16, 2003. At that time, the purpose was not for money but only the thought to challenge for society in my mind.

Japan and China has lots of difference in a life style, and I have thought "women also can achieve what men can achieve. Only efforts make all of us successful. " For those reasons, I have advanced on the challenging road even though I had no experience and wealth.

Our main business is total import & export logistics work like CFS, CY and Door to Door service as a specialty of the forwarder between Japan and China. We celebrated the 6th anniversary of the founding of our company in April, 2009. I remember that there were so many difficulties for me in the first 6 months after the establishment of our company.

I had got to make the basis to run a company one by one by researching on the internet and the introduction of my friends. At that time we had sifted CFS cargos that we mainly dealt with to CY cargos, and then, the amount of the cargos in local ports started to increase gradually.

Now all are female staffs and most of us have the ability of speaking Chinese. Japan and China are alike but different. It often makes us consider about the difference of culture and manners between these two countries. Our policy to solve these problems is to listen to both ideas well. I also appreciate that everything is because of the great cooperation of my friends and staffs so that we are able to get to now.

There is a proverb in China that "Things will eventually sort themselves out". I believe "Only need efforts to open the way." and we keep going.

President & CEO Eiko Tsuchiyama

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